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Coming Together For Nature!

CDI was recently thrilled to welcome our junior friends from the ‘Dovecote Centre’ who once again proved how positive intergenerational sessions are for all.

Filling our Clockhouse garden with smiles, excitement, and energy, the youngsters, under the watchful eye of Charity and Sharon, happily mixed with seniors whilst making peanut butter/bird seed-covered feeders for our feathered friends.

Juniors have been attending the Dovecote Community Children and Families project for in excess of twenty years now (Please see their website link on our partners page). During this time the centre has had one common theme, Carol, who has witnessed many juniors grow up, transfer to CDI youth club projects and in some cases even provide future generations for both Dovecote and CDI!

There is no doubt, the work of Carol, Charity and their team is much appreciated by ALL on the Leys.

None more so than the seniors of CDI who are always thrilled to engage with the youngsters. A happiness that is always reciprocated and one that we hope will continue between both organisations for ‘MANY’ years to come.