Members of the Clockhouse gardening team that happily welcomes new members ‘all year round’

CDI is always keen to welcome ‘New and old’ members and promote health and wellbeing.

Through various partnership workings with organisations such as Peabody, Mulalley and our fabulous gardening tutor Clare from Activate Learning, we are delighted to offer Seniors the opportunity to ‘Connect with Nature’ in our wonderful Clockhouse garden.

Weekly gardening sessions (Monday 1.30-3.30pm) are run in conjunction with Activate Learning and are open to everyone. Through these sessions, many new gardening skills, tips and expertise have been learnt, while most importantly, members have reconnected with nature, made new friends and re-acquainted themselves with old colleagues.

The garden, which forms the ‘jewel in the crown’ at the Clockhouse is open all week and available to ALL Clockhouse members. So, if upon reading these notes you would like the opportunity to join up with fellow members,  socialise with others or simply sit quietly and  reflect on nature and the beauty of the garden then please do not hesitate in heading down to the Clockhouse.

The garden, like the Clockhouse is open to everyone and we look forward to welcoming you.