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Energising the Leys…

Thank you to the Team at UK AEA

The Leys CDI youth team were delighted and extremely grateful to receive a host of electronic gifts from our friends at UK AEA and OAS, that will ultimately prove invaluable for our programmes moving forward.

On hand to present the goods, which include ;- 5 Ipads, 2 x Microsoft Surfaces pro 9 and a Brother MFC -Laser printer, was Edyta Larsen of UKAEA, who has been instrumental in organising the very kind donation of goods that have caused much excitement amongst the juniors and staff of CDI alike !

Edyta and her team, who work together on Access and Awareness Project, are based in nearby Culham, where her centre for Fusion energy is the UK’s National research laboratory. From theoretical physics to operating two major experiments and carrying out advanced reactor engineering, they lead the world in putting transformative energy technology on the grid.

I think its safe to say, UKAEA and OAS’s support of Leys CDI has definitely proved transformative and energising for all concerned -Thank you from LeysCDI.