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Meet Simon… Star of CDI

Star of CDI

Meet Simon….

Born in Biddeford – Devon, Simon moved to Oxford in 1984. Since his first session at The Clockhouse, when by his own admission, he was very nervous. He has become a regular at many of the weekly activities and is a keen and valued member of both the Monday Social and Gardening Club.

· Favourite CDI Session: Boccia and Monday Social

· Favourite Colour: Green

· Favourite Film: The Graduate with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft

· Favourite TV programme: The Repair Shop

· Favourite Musician: Mainly 70’s – Pink Floyd and The Eagles

· Favourite Song: Hotel California by The Eagles

· Favourite Sport: Athletics

· Favourite Day of the Week: Friday’s – enjoys music programmes late on Friday night TV

· Favourite Holiday Destination: France

· Favourite Shop: Deltis – situated in the Leys

· Greatest ever trip: Inter rail trip

· Greatest Achievement: Passing my language degrees at Ealing Tech

· If you could relive one day what would it be: The day I graduated!

· Interesting fact about yourself: I did the Ten Tors in Dartmoor with the Army Cadets and I also appeared in the Pink Floyd video “The Wall”

“I have CDI to thank for so much. It motivates me to “get up and go” and the sessions help stimulate my mental and physical health on a weekly basis”.

Simon (Clockhouse Member, 2023)