Kirk Wheeler (Charity Manager)

Kirk joined Leys CDI as Charity Manager in January 2023, having  spent 30 years combining his background of professional sport and his passion for community work.

He previously managed the award winning charitable trusts of Wimbledon FC, Watford FC and Aldershot FC whereby he used  the ‘power of sport’  to create social, educational and development pathways for juniors and seniors from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds.

An animal loving, ex-sportsman, Kirk’s challenge at CDI, whilst managing the day to day running of the project, is to secure funding and partnerships that afford members of the community, youth and senior, to consistently engage in daily wellbeing and life enhancing activities.

In encouraging ‘fruitful’ partnership workings, it is Kirk’s aim to continue to ‘bring people together’  create opportunities, happy memories and above all, foster healthy lifestyles for the ‘wonderful’ community that is the leys.

Fran Musgrave (Youth Manager)

Felix Vorlaender (Clockhouse Manager & Administrator)

Felix began his role as Clockhouse Administrator in November 2023 at the Leys CDI, having transitioned from a part-time Accounting position that he has held since summer 2019. However, Felix’s journey with the Leys CDI began much earlier, as he attended youth sessions during his childhood, fostering a connection to the community.

With a solid background in accounting, Felix has been instrumental in supporting Leys CDI’s financial management, ensuring the organisations operations run smoothly and efficiently. His dedication to the charities mission is evident in his commitment to leveraging his expertise for the betterment of the community he cherishes.

A sports enthusiast and a keen climber, Felix brings his passion for physical activity into his role, aiming to promote an active and healthy lifestyle within the community. As a devoted Oxford United supporter, he understands the unifying power of sport and seeks to create inclusive opportunities for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to engage in enriching and life enhancing activities.