CLOCKHOUSE GARDEN Fit for a King and/or Queen

CDI, in particular the Clockhouse, is delighted to inform ALL that the Garden is BACK !

During the time of horrible restrictions, that kept everyone from mixing and enjoying life, the garden had a period when it went unloved.

Happily, we can report that through the support of Our friends at Peabody, some wonderful Clockhouse volunteers and the inspiration that Queen Consort Camilla visited the garden, not that many years ago, we have started to restore the garden to its previous glories. In fact, the Clockhouse has also recently secured the support from Activate Learning who in supplying a Gardening expert for a weekly on-going course, will ensure a team of gardeners can keep the garden looking pristine ‘all year round’.

The aim of CDI, through its team of ‘always welcoming’ volunteers, is to provide a safe, relaxing, well-being area for ALL.

An area, where new friends can be made, regular acquaintances  met, happy memories  made and who knows…..maybe, a cup of tea shared with a King or Queen.

What we can guarantee is that EVERYONE is Welcome, so come on down, it will be great to see you.