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Trains, Turrets and Towers

CDI were fortunate enough to partner with Oxfordshire Community Rail again this half term, having explored animals last time, this time CDI delved into the past.

CDI partner with Oxfordshire Community Rail to empower young people into using train services, with support from Chiltern Railway and Great Western Railway. The support offered previously has given the young people the confidence to travel by train for a sporting event without CDI, and you could see the difference in self-reliance for this trip!

Despite the slightly wet weather, the young people had a great time exploring dungeons, turrets, moats and mazes. The highlight was meeting real life Zog!

On the way back the young people did some exploring at Leamington Spa train station and found a public piano which provided entertainment for everyone, including fellow train travellers. There was even time to learn a new tune!

A few of the highlights included, the maze, exploring the types clothing worn by ‘old people’, the dungeons, and the Leamington piano, two of the young people named, Lemmy.

A massive thank you to Alayne at Oxfordshire Community Rail Partnerships supporting us on each trip, and with funding and organisation, without whom CDI wouldn’t be able to offer these incredible trips to encourage sustainable transport options whilst affording the young people of Greater and Blackbird Leys a royal opportunity.