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BLOOMING LOVELY Afternoon Tea Celebration

The rejuvenated Clockhouse garden was recently, delighted and honoured to welcome partners and members of the local community to its ‘Afternoon Tea’ party.

Organised as way of a small thank you to CDI’s supporters. The day was aimed at bringing various community groups and partners together, whilst also showcasing the fine work of the Seniors gardening team, Activate Learning, Peabody and Mulalley in ‘Bringing the garden back to life’.

Members of the gardening team, with the kind assistance of Clare and the Activate Learning Team have helped ‘Bring the garden back to life’ – Les, Simon, Maurice, Jean and Susan

In total, in excess of 80+ visitors attended the party and judging by the kind comments, the afternoon and garden in particular was deemed a ‘Blooming Success’.

The Peabody team, Sam Stronach, Rachel Solomon, Darcy Jouza, Amy Eckersley, Sasha Roden. Plus Benjamin Howes and Andrew Jones of Green Square Accord.

Sandwiches and cakes were devoured, the rain kindly stayed away, many individuals linked up with old and new acquaintances and most importantly the fantastic partnership work that goes on throughout Oxford and the Leys was celebrated.

Detailed are a few of the kind comments detailed by CDI visitors on the day ;-

“Superb ! As a keen gardener, I know just how much effort has been put in”.


“Amazing to see the progress of the garden. Great job CDI and the garden team. Keep up the good work”.


“Thank you CDI and everyone involved, for helping us restore the garden, give us something to be proud of and above all somewhere we can sit, relax and have the opportunity to make new friends”.


“Amazing Effort and Glorious result”.


“Hard work but so rewarding”.


A huge thank you to everyone who attended the event and for your continued support of both arms of CDI, the youth and senior projects.

Judging by the fact that our local neighbourhood squirrel, had to wait ‘well past the official party finish time’, to visit the garden for his nuts! We think most had a great time.

Thank you again for your attendance, support and here’s to ‘flourishing’ future partnerships.