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Meet Harlyn… Star of CDI

Star of CDI

Meet Harlyn…

He has become a regular at many of the weekly youth activities and is a keen and valued member of the Youth project.

· Favourite CDI Session: Holiday weeks because I get to spend more time with CDI and do things like Arts and Sports

· Favourite Colour: Red because I’m a Liverpool fan!

· Favourite Film: The Barbie Movie

· Favourite TV programme: Cocomelon

· Favourite Musician: All RAP music

· Favourite Song: Little Blondie by Young LS

· Favourite Sport: Basketball and Football

· Favourite Day of the Week: Friday because it’s almost the weekend and NO school! 

· Favourite Holiday Destination: Turkey

· Favourite Shop: Cost Cutter

· Greatest ever trip: The Arboretum trip when we got to see all the Peacocks and go through the forest

· Greatest Achievement: Standing up for myself when people were horrible to me and looking after all the seniors on the Arboretum trip (getting their teas/coffee)

· If you could relive one day what would it be: The day I broke my thumb because I didn’t have to go to school that day!

· Interesting fact about yourself: I like eating Nandos 🙂

CDI helps me make new friends and get out more.  I don’t like school but I like doing things at CDI as the learning is more fun’.

Harlyn (Youth Project Member, 2023)